Tentbag Messenger bag Tent

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Shopper with one main compartment

Size: 49 x 5 x 38 cm

Weight: 0.5 kg

Art N°: 018021CT


lightweight cotton based tent fabric


Tentbag messenger bag is handmade from lightweight cotton based tent fabric. The material is almost waterproof, colorfast and dimensionally stable, i.e. it does not wear out.

The messenger bag is worn on the long strap over the shoulder or on the short handle. It is suitable for work and study, and especially for transport on the bike. The special and clear shape of the Messengerbag results from the principle of folding. Unfilled, it is flat and can be stored in a space-saving way. Filled, the bag unfolds at the bottom.

The flap folds over completely and is closed with two metal pull closures almost waterproof. The contents of the bag is thus optimally protected even against heavy rain.

On the back outside is a zippered compartment that extends over the entire surface of the bag. Due to the special shape and functionality, the Tent Messengerbag is a design object with high usability.



Waterproofing spray

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