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November 29, 2016 2 min read.


Harold's Bags, a Hessian manufacturer with a British name, carries on the Offenbach tradition

of leather processing continues - with stylish, sustainable bags and a lot of ethos.

The Lanscape Travelbag accompanies our editors on their short trips

Quite different from most leather travel bags comes the Lanscape Travelbag from Harold's Bags - more modern and extravagant. The Hessian family business with the British-sounding name has been producing leather bags in Obertshausen near Offenbach since 1936. Since 1985 it has also had production in Colombia and since 1998 in Calcutta, India.

Good for the conscience of trend-conscious bag buyers: Harold's Bags emphasizes that the employees in Colombia have "legally regulated employment contracts and socially insured jobs. This counters the trend toward cheap migrant workers. Social security, fair conditions as well as regulated working hours of 48 hours per week and 18 paid vacation days per year show effect: Most of the workers have been working in the factory for more than 20 years, which secures important know-how in the "handicraft" production and is a guarantee for quality.

The pithy leather of the bags made in Colombia comes from cattle from the region that always live outdoors. The mainly vegetable-tanned animal hides are processed as naturally as possible, so that grains, bite marks and scars are preserved. This gives the bags very individual, somewhat tougher features.

Sustainable is a term that is used a lot and with pleasure - in the end, the question is whether a product is qualitatively durable and its design is not too zeitgeisty. In our opinion, the Lanscape Travelbag from the Concepts collection fulfills both of these requirements without restriction.

The edges and corners of the bag are sewn to the outside and fixed by jeans rivets, which provides a very unique, distinctive look. The Weekender has two zippered exterior compartments, an interior zippered compartment and - very practical - a bottom compartment for shoes, for example. With carry-on dimensions (57 x 24 x 36 cm), the bag offers enough storage space for a two- or three-day trip. Is available in six colors and for 379 euros.

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