January 08, 2016 Read 1 min.


In October 2015, the first Harold's flagship store opened in Turin. Part of the long-established Levi stationery store at Via Corte d'Ampello 22, the Harold's collection is presented in a wonderfully authentic setting in downtown Turin. In one of the three vaulted rooms, sturdy shelves made of oak wood used to store high-quality paper for writing out documents and contracts and letters. With digitization, the need for papers reduced and the shelves now house Harold's bags. For the traditional Levi store, the bags are an additional source of income. We, in turn, can show the Harold's collection in all its facets. For the people of Turin and those who are visiting, it is a unique opportunity to find his personal Harold's model. Harold's also uses the space to introduce new models for the first time to the public and professional buyers in a one-off event. Special thanks to Gianfranco Platania and Mr. Levi Aprile for making the store possible.


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