November 11, 2017 1 min read.

Recently we received an email with exciting content. Christine, a life-style blogger from Frankfurt a.M., had discovered a vintage bag during her visit to the flea market and decided to purchase it. Without knowing where the bag came from.

When she arrived home, she noticed the label. Harold's was written on it. Her interest was piqued and she started researching. Searching for clues, she finally got to our website and contacted us. "Is that really a Harold's bag?" she asked.

Right away we recognized the traditional, unique craftsmanship of the bag and Thilo Schmelz the current designer and CEO of Harold's, who as the grandson of the founder is now the third generation to run the traditional business of the Schmelz family, knew very well about the bag's history of origin.

Christine had acquired a real rarity. The bag is still from the Florentine times and was produced in the seventies there in one of our ateliers, at the latest in the early eighties. Is therefore at least 35 years old!

Already for81 years, we at Harold's have been making bags with great dedication and such a rare find delights us especially, because our bags should accompany the wearers for a lifetime. Even for generations to come. Therefore, we pay special attention to sustainable design and environmentally friendly as well as fair production. Our know-how comes from our long company history, and dear Christine is now a part of it with her new old bag. Furthermore still she has inspired us to tackle a new edition of the model.


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