SPARE PARTS shoulder strap leather

VAT included plus shipping costs Delivery: 2-4 days

In order for us to send you the appropriate replacement part, please send us a photo of your bag. To do this, simply reply to the email you receive from us with this order.

This is a "spare part coupon" for a shoulder strap. Please send us a photo of your bag so that we can send you the right shoulder strap. Simply reply to the e-mail you receive from us when you order this coupon.

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This item is currently not available for immediate delivery and is currently in production. The item can be pre-ordered by "purchase". The Harold's team will provide information on the remaining delivery time within 3 business days. Payment or collection of payment will be made only upon delivery

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super fast delivery

Within a day the spare part was delivered. Great that the bags have a long life through this service. Thank you!

Sebastian Pietsch

Shoulder strap fits and I can continue to use the bag for another 20 years.

Björn Hilker
Very fast delivery of the spare part.

Very satisfied. The new shoulder strap was delivered quickly.

Karl Renner
Prompt delivery

After more than 10 years, there were problems with the shoulder strap. A bayonet catch had worn out. It's reassuring to get the right replacement part right away! I look forward to many more years with my versatile shoulder bag.