Antic casual Toilet Bag

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1 zipper front pocket
1 zippered main compartment
3 interior flexible compartments
1 interior zippered compartment
1 zipper compartment outside with integrated hook
1 carrying handle

Size: 27 x 14 x 17 cm

Weight: 0.40 kg

Art N°: 0270903


oiled and waxed, 100% vegetable tanned cowhide leather "Antic
Lining: khaki colored cotton


Compact toilet bag made of sturdy leather that easily absorbs small scratches or irregularities. The oiled, waxed and 100% vegetable tanned cowhide leather develops a very nice patina over time. The toiletry bag stands by itself on a shelf. If no shelf is available, you can also hang the bag from a wall knob or door handle with a hook recessed into the back zippered compartment.



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