Kraud Leather fabricbag

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foldable bag
made of 100% vegetable tanned (with rhubarb extract) cowhide leather

Size: 33 x 1 x 36 cm

Weight: 0.2 kg

Art N°: 060R


Cowhide leather, 100% vegetable tanned with rhubarb extract


It is the fabric bag - also known as jute bag - in cowhide, refined into a durable and versatile and thus sustainable product. Be it as a shopping bag or even as a casual handbag in the evening.

True to the original, the leather fabric bag can be folded or even crumpled and is just as light. In the latter case, the folds hang themselves out again. This cowhide has been tanned with a rhubarb extract - and thus 100% vegetable.



Lamb Leder :
<p>Schwarz, Braun, Cognac, Dunkelblau, Hellblau, Türkis, Natur<br>
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Rhubarb Leder:
<p>Grau<br><a href=" ">Zu den Pflegehinweisen</a>
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Nubuk Leder :
<p>Grau, Olive, Bordeaux<br>
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