Lanscape Travelbag large

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1 zipper compartment front
1 back zippered compartment
1 zippered main compartment and inside bottom compartment
1 zippered compartment inside the main compartment
Carrying strap detachable by carabiner

Size: 57 x 24 x 36 cm

Weight: 1.9 kg

Art N°: 0369523


Leather: vegetable cowhide Omega, glossy and lightly waxed
Lining: cotton


Cut corners sewn and interlocked with jeans rivets develop an independent bag body: a timelessly modern and extravagant travel bag that can be carried by hand, pulled just over the shoulder or casually on the long strap. In the bottom of the main compartment is a zippered compartment where shoes or used clothing can be packed separately.

The Lanscape Travelbag large is made in glossy distressed leather. The size is suitable for 2-3 nights.



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