Sportsleeve Sportsleeve large

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1 small zippered back pocket outside
1 A4+ size main compartment

Size: 37 x 4 x 42 cm

Weight: 0.50 kg

Art N°: 0268608


vegetable tanned lamb leather (black) / 100% vegetable tanned saddle leather (natural)


We offer the Sportsleeve large in two colors and thus also in two different leathers: the black Sportsleeve in lambskin (thinner and lighter) and the natural-colored one in saddler leather (thicker and more robust). The leather and the saddler leather straps distinguish the Sportsleeve from ordinary sports bags. The straps are wider and flatter than those of the Sportsleeve medium and thus do not require shoulder patches. For small items, a small zippered pocket for wallet, cell phone or keys is sewn into the back.



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