Tankbag tankbag notebook 15'

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1 zippered main compartment
1 padded 15″ notebook compartment
2 interior A4+ compartments
2 short handles

Size: 38 x 8 x 29 cm

Weight: 0.60 kg

Art N°: 015821


Original convertible top fabric: polyester/rubber
organic colored nylon inside


The tankbag notebook 15" is made from original convertible top material as used in automotive production. For this purpose, on average 80% "leftovers" from the production of convertible tops were used and 20% new convertible top material was used. The material is virtually waterproof, colorfast and dimensionally stable, i.e. it does not wear out. . The bag is carried by the short handle. It opens in a fan shape and is divided into three compartments by two well-padded dividers. In the middle is the compartment for the notebook and is thus optimally protected from the outside. A4 documents, charging cable as well as cell phone and other personal accessories can be stored in the lateral inner compartments. The clear bag body creates elegance and timelessness.




This is how this bag is produced