dothebag accessories Wallet M toro

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The increasing concentration on cards in payment and communication traffic makes their containers flatter and thus more manageable in a pleasing way. The dothebag wallets have an internal and fold-out change pocket, in which the coins are well distributed and ideally accessible.

The material and its workmanship in detail create a beauty in the use of dothebag accessories: the leather becomes more supple every day, the slip pockets are designed so that the cards can be easily removed.
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Customer Reviews

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Great wallet and design

Excellent build quality, lots of space and brilliant coin holder design. It opens up to a box when the button is lifted. I was not able to see this initially from the site and was a little skeptical on how it looked like but its amazing. Hoping this last me quite some time. Thank you

Stefan Quellmalz
Class purse

Class construction for the coin. Impeccable work, well made seams and pleasant leather.